Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of the emails I get seem to have recurring themes, so I figure I may as well group them all together as a handy resource and to save us all some time! You can still email me, though :)

Q: How often does the comic update?

A: Mondays & Thursdays (9am East Australian time). There are usually two pages posted each update, three if I'm feeling generous.

Q: Do you have a buffer of pages saved up?

A: Yes; I'm about one chapter ahead of what you see online. I do this because it gives me plenty of time to catch out my mistakes and make changes before revealing the pages to the public.

Q: Is the story scripted or are you making it up as you go?

A: I have a complete script written, rather refined for the first three volumes but quite a bit rougher for the remaining two. The story is five volumes and has a planned ending. It should be around 800 pages long.

Q: How long does it take you to complete a page?

A: Between 4 and 5 hours in most cases, from start to finish.

Q: What software and tools do you use?

Sketches are done in Photoshop, Lineart in Painter, and colours / backgrounds in Photoshop. I have a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet which I couldn't live without.

Q: Do you do commissions / I have a great comic idea, will you be the artist?

A: I'm currently accepting commissions, and comics at a page rate. I am not accepting any profit-sharing collaborations.

Q: [Such and such] isn't historically accurate!

A: Nor should it be! :) The world is meant to evoke the feel of one with a similar level of advancement to Earth's Victorian era; it's not historical fiction and has no serious correlation with events of our own past.

Q: Is this comic set in the same world as Inverloch?

No. Different universe. This is not a sequel to Inverloch, and reading it is not a prerequisite for understanding this story.

Q: But there are da'kors in it!

A: There are also Chocobos in most Final Fantasy games :)

Q: Is this safe for my kids to read?

A: If you have to ask, the answer is no. Even though this is a graphical work, it is not a kids picture-book. I would rate it a PG-13 for drug use & brief suggestive content. It is intended for teenagers and adults.

Q: Do you do Link Exchanges?

I'm sorta picky about what I put on my links page (otherwise it just gets HUGE ;_;). If you think you have something special, send me an email :)

Q: Have you read [book]? Was [something] inspired by [book]?

I'm not a big fiction reader, to be honest. I see myself as a creator, not a consumer.

Q: Will Phoenix Requiem be available in print one day?

Yes! It will be published by 4th Dimension Entertainment, and you can preorder it NOW!