Main Characters

Anya Katsukova

Jonas Faulkner

Robyn Hart

Petria Grey

Anya fled with her family to this country while she was still small after civil unrest in her own. She is studying to become a doctor, and is currently a nurse underneath the guidance of Doctor Blythe. She's very dedicated to her work and is always concerned about the health of those around her.

A gentleman whose casual mannerisms contradict his apparent high-class background. He landed in the town of Esk after suffering near-fatal wounds at the hands of a hitherto unknown assailant. He's charming and witty at his best, arrogant and manipulative at his worst.

An ex-soldier, Robyn left the military to return to a quieter life in the countryside raising Ester Caribou and training the young village men in shooting and fencing. He can be a little forceful, overbearing and controlling at times, but he has a strong sense of justice and isn't easily fooled.

Abandoned by her parents who couldn't afford to feed her, Petria's troubled life eventually led her to Esk where she helps out everyone with odd jobs. She's a flirt and a gossip, and tends to get along with men better than women.

Supporting Roles

Patrick Armand

Doctor Blythe

Martin Moretty

Ksendra Faulkner

A shrewd police officer who finds Jonas to be a highly suspicious character and is determined to find evidence of some sort of wrongdoing.

Esk's GP. He enjoys whiskey and, despite him treating her like a maid most of the time, has a lot of faith in Anya's ability to become an excellent doctor.

An inventor and one of Petria's more charitable friends, allowing her to stay and do work for him on days she can't find any elsewhere.

Jonas' wife. Little is known of her save that she betrayed him and possibly caused his madness.






Benign remants of the dead, appearing when a body is allowed to fully decay without cremation. Most people cannot see them. They tend to wander restlessly until given an opportunity to be reincarnated.

Remnants of those that have suffered a particularly traumatic death; they are a manifestation of the anger, distress and agony of the person's final moments. They are visible to anyone.

Ethereal beings and bringers of magic, long imprisoned after losing a war with the Hellions 700 years prior. They ferried the souls of the dead to the afterlife, preventing the need for hurried cremations.

Often referred to as demons, though long ago they were known as the Mehdiea. They became consumed by human desires of greed, lust, and jealousy, falling out of favour with the common people.